Chemical deburring

By chemical deburring burrs and fine baubles are removed and sharp edges rounded.
Surfaces are gently and effectively smoothed by this special process, and micro-scale roughness is reduced.

Scope of application

Use chemical deburring as an ideal solution when mechanical processing such as blasting,
Vibratory grinding, brushing, etc. are not economically interesting or physically impossible.

Examples before and after


Our procedure is suitable for the treatment of low alloyed, hardened or uncured steels (up to a maximum of 4% chromium content). Our experts know the possible treatment options for your material exactly. Take advantage of our know-how and contact us for a sampling.

The procedure

The FerroChem and ChemoLux processes are used for deburring and smoothing metal surfaces. There is no mechanical stress and heat generation on the surface, whereby even inaccessible corners and edges are detected and treated extremely effectively. The workpieces are previously degreased and pickled clean. The chemical deburring takes place in a clean ammonium bifluoride and hydrogen peroxide-containing electrolytes. The steel is oxidized controlled. The tips of the microroughs and the edges are preferably removed.

Design notes

In the case of chemical deburring, material removal takes place over the entire surface wetted by the electrolyte. The desired removal must be determined in advance for precision parts and in the mechanical Production scheduled. Mechanical characteristics such as hardness and tensile strength do not change as a result of chemical deburring.