We offer Chemical Deburring of Steel as well as Aluminium Anodisation as contract or sub-contract manufacturing.


SCHMETZ SWITZERLAND finishes the surfaces of aluminium parts using the proven direct current sulphuric acid method. We are always able to meet customer demands, for dimensional, colourless or colour anodisation. 

Chemical Deburring

The FerroChem and ChemoLux methods act to deburr and smooth metal surfaces. No mechanical stress or heat build-up occurs on the surface, thus even inaccessible corners and edges are included and highly effectively treated.

Chemical deburring is suitable for treating low-alloyed, hardened, and non-hardened steels (up to a maximum chromium content of 4%).

Use chemical deburring as an ideal solution if mechanical processes, such as radiation or vibratory finishing, are not economically feasible or if they are physically impossible.